Kristin Olds- Cosmotology has a new hottie

A few weeks ago I get a call from a former Playboy Cybergirl Cherish Crumm. Hey Shaun I have this friend who I think you should test? So we set a date and WOW! Thank you Cherish. Kristin is a cosmetology student here in Vegas. I Tested her for Playboy and for whatever reason they declined? So I sent her to my contacts at Penthouse, in less then an hour they came back and said shoot her for us. I don’t know what issue she is going to be in? Watch for her in it. She is also going to be in the upcoming issue of Risque’ magazine as model of the month. She has great personality and someone people just want to be around. I know this black beauty is going to grace many ads and magazines.
Shaun G

Andrea Leilani, Revisited Playboy Cybergirl test shoot

So I get a call from Kevin Kuster of Playboy Cyber last week. He wants to know if I can get a crew together in Vegas to maybe start shooting for cyber girl here in Vegas (What a great opportunity). So he said to shoot Andrea. So I get a crew MUA, Assistant, Stylist, Video etc.. great crew. I shot on Monday at a great location. I got some really great shots of Andrea, who by the way has never modeled before and is also going to be in Risque’ magazine as model of the month and she was awesome! She really is a rare glamour model with more inner beauty then outer in my opinion. So I’m going through her images yesterday and I get a call from Stephanie of Playmate division. Now they want to test her for Playmate. She is probably going to become one. Keep your fingers crossed. Here are some of the test shots.  Enjoy them as I did taking them.

Ksino wear (shoot)

Alex That owner of Ksino wear clothing had a press release party at Lavo in Las Vegas with Full Tilt Poker. Here are some of the cool shirts I shot for him with models Bianca & Kelsey. I had to through a party shot too. You can see his clothing at

Andrea Leilani Smart never looked so good.

Well when I met with Andrea, she never really modeled before. In fact she came to shoot with another model that I shoot (Bianca).  What a great surprise  on how well she shot for the first time. She skipped the 10th grade in high school and now has a BA in Public Relations from UNLV and is now going for her Masters. WOW! She is not a pre-madonna and does not really care about modeling, that is why she will go far in my opinion. Already she has tested for Playboy, Digital Desire wants her, She will be modeling for Ksino wear and she will have a 3 full page feature in the July  Risque magazine as model of the month. Keep a watch for this up and coming model Andrea. You be the judge with these images.

Shannon Kelly Vegas Barbie Doll

When I met Shannon Kelly she was a student at UNLV here in Las Vegas. I immediately said to myself I have to shoot this girl. She is incredibly hot!

Since I have tested her for Playboy and she has even been in one of there ads.  She also won miss Barbie contest here in Las Vegas. She won a Pink Corvette of which I shot her in for the Palms Casino here in Las Vegas. She now works for one of the hottest clubs here in Las Vegas called HAZE at the ARIA resort & Casino. She is one of my favorite models plus our birthdays are on the same day, of course the years are different.

Tryst Morgan- Fetish never looked so good.

I talked to Tryst yesterday and she said “I’m coming out” well she wants to be a fetish model in Las Vegas. Ya she tried for Playboy and maybe next Penthouse? Check out this ambitious  up and coming at

Shaun G

Cydell Rojas- Up and coming glamour model.

I met Cydell, about 6 months ago and tested her for Playboy (have not heard anything yet?). She is pretty fresh on my mind. I hooked her up with famed glamour photographer  J Stephen Hicks. He runs a company called He also use to shoot for Playboy and Penthouse. So they flew her out to Malibu to shoot with them at the Hicks ranch (What a cool place) and the staff is awesome. WOW! what a shoot! Cydel scorched the cameras and everyone involved. Her images from there are going to be up in about a month. You have to check them out at his site. For now here is what I got. She is one her way to the top. What a great glamour model! WOW!

Tiffany- Pin-up model

I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t know a lot about Tiffany? I was shooting a scene for Penthouse at a classic car restoration auto shop (Mutt N Jeffs) in Las Vegas. She was there for a small video audition for Rat Dog TV. She wants to go in the US Air force. ( I wish they had more hotties like her join?) She was nice enough to let me test the light on her and this is what I came up with.

Shaun G

Giselle Diaz- Fashion & Glamour model

I shot Giselle for a bikini line called Miss Betty Swim. She has been modeling since she was 14 and the Ford Modeling agency picked her up. She has modeled for many high end clients. she stands about 5’10 and has that perfect fashion model figure and a striking face. She also dated famed magician Chris Angel of A&E’s Mind Freak and stars in “Believe” a Cirque du Soleil show at the luxor in Las Vegas. Here are some of her images.

Shaun G

Alysha- My trip to Rosorito Beach Mexico

So a few months ago I decided to jump in the Lexus and go to Rosorito beach Mexico with Alysha of whom I tested for Penthouse a while back ago. The trip is only a five or six hour drive from Vegas. We met a friend down there and stayed with him. He had me eating brain tacos. YUM! We also went to Tijuana where Alyssa bought some cool boots and a Corona .

cowboy hat. So I decided to shoot her just in them. We had a blast. Here are some of the images from that awesome trip.

Shaun G