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What compels a young boy at the age of five to pick up a camera, look at it, study it, and then within moments becomes attached to it as it was an extension of him self.

Is it the magical mystery of discovering something new? Or is it what most parents would proudly claim, an innate gift passed down from a previous generation.

Or possibly one could claim it was the child’s simple curiosity to “capture a moment in time.”

Or is it this being naive to think a child at this early of an age could already possess the insight to catch a glimpse of the limitless possibilities and power this new device he holds contains.

Just how much ability in becoming a great photographer comes from within? How much is learned? I don’t know and I guess it will be some time before we have a clearer understanding to these kinds of debatable questions?

One thing is certain though, at this young age he never thought in a million years that someday he would be shooting ads for some many products and have his work published in so many major publications.

Photography has been his Obsession? Yes, he is obsessed! He always strives to get the best images he can and then tries some more. I believe his excellent listening skills and sincere interest in first gathering a complete understanding of his subject has helped enabled him to accomplish these extraordinary achievements.
He always strives to take the very best images possible and he is not satisfied until he is absolutely confident he has captured the beauty and essence in the photograph that he had set out to.

Regardless of what he is photographing, his true artistic ability and passion for the camera makes his work not only enjoyable for himself, but ensures you that you are receiving a very thought out professional photograph from a highly skilled and seasoned photographer.

I believe Shaun has been able to accomplish his extraordinary achievements from his innate ability to see true beauty in its limitless forms. His ability to inspire his subjects to bring out the best in them goes unrivaled.

Pairing this quality with his easy going personality has allowed him to share his views with his subjects so that they fully grasp what he is aiming for, thus making the shoot not only inspiring and educational, but enjoyable as well!

Having known Shaun since college, which is almost 30 years now, we have had several opportunities to travel to various places throughout the world,

From having done this, one can be sure that where ever we were in our travels, whether it be a resort, a restaurant, the mountains, etc. Shaun was with his camera talking to people, giving his ideas, exchanging thoughts, setting up shoots and doing what he does best: finding beauty in all it forms.

I believe his extensive travels has given him a tremendous perspective and knowledge of picture taking. Further, I would certainly invite anyone to ask him to share his portfolio from these travels with them, as it truly outlines and give scope to the experience and the knowledge he possesses.

Furthermore, his excellent listening skills and sincere interest in first gathering a complete understanding of who his subjects are on the surface as well as from the inside has aided in honing his ability to bring the best out in each of his subjects.

From this point, he then quite neatly shares his insights with his subjects, often either narrowing or expanding their goals, or even changing them completely, in order to bring out the best in each of his subjects as a truly unique individual with her own special aspects and qualities. This sharing of ideas often leads to a learning experience where the model leaves learning a whole new dimension of herself which had remain undiscovered until then.

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