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Andrea Vargo & Candy Stone , this image was shot at Arlen Ness by Las Vegas photographer Shaun Goodrich. How did I shot it? This was a 5 light set up and a fog machine. I had a 400 Alien Bee strobe to left of Andrea (Model standing) and one to the right of Candy, one 400 lighting the motorcycle on the rack and a 400 hitting the ground in front of them. I put an 800 Alien Bee on a beauty dish as the key light about 7 feet away in front of them. I have John in the back working on a project producing sparks as the name of it is “Sparks”. I put the fog machine at ground level just to the right of Candy and fogged it up to my liking. I shot it with a Canon 6D at 160 F8 100 iso with a Canon 24-70 2.8 lens with a focal length of 48.0. This is the type of work as a photographer I love to do… If you have more questions on how to shoot like this, let me know.

Models: Andrea Vargo & Candy Stone

Photographer: Shaun Goodrich

Hair & Make-up: Nichole Gregg

Company: Arlen Ness – http://www.arlenness.com

I shot this image for Arlen Ness motorcycle’s Andrea & Candy are really good glamour models.


Shaun Goodrich - Las Vegas Photographer

Shaun Goodrich – Las Vegas Photographer






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