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Aubrey Evans, Model & Actress

Model: Aubrey Evans Hair & Make-up: Stevie Daniels Photographer: Shaun Goodrich Las Vegas photographer, photographed and tested Aubrey for Playboy Magazine. It looks like she will probably be in with Playboy Plus. He also photographed her at Valley of Fire and car restoration shop Mutt & Jeff’s. She is also […]


Model: Alex Photographer: Shaun Goodrich       So I was in my Las Vegas studio trying to figure out new ways of lighting. I came up with reflected light. These images of Alex (great model from Australia) are right out of the camera and all bounced light.  Shot with […]

Gemma Jaxx #Hold a coke challenge

Model: Gemma Jaxx Photographer: Shaun Goodrich   So I found this model named Gemma Jaxx. She was doing something unusual. Holding a coke between her breasts. So I reached out to her. Gemma Jax  #Hold a Coke between your boobs challenge. Is is it tacky?  Is it out of line? […]