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DJ Wade Martin Spins His Way To Las Vegas Photographer Shaun Goodrich’s Lenses

     DJ Wade Martin Spins His Way To Las Vegas Photographer Shaun Goodrich’s Lenses. This English born disc jockey , music producer and artist has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry ranging from Brittney Spears to Flavor Flav, Will.i.am and even Nas. Once he set up shop in Las Vegas and needed some good publicity for his business, he was bound to end up working with Shaun Goodrich, a Las Vegas photographer who makes every photo look like it was meant to be on a billboard.

Well in this case that was the actual purpose for these two teams meeting. Wade Martin needed to look good as the face of WM Studios and Shaun could accomplish exactly that. Paired with glamor model Bree James, this photoshoot would result in purely works of art and nothing less.

Talent recognizes talent and that was the case in this particular scenario. Shaun took photos of DJ Wade Martin in his element and that can clearly be seen on the images. Let us not forget how women swoon over any man who is musically gifted. They would definitely love to have a piece of him all to themselves. Shaun makes good on this and snaps an awesome shot of Bree James trying to get DJ Wade Martin all to herself as he reaches out for his guitar to do what he does best.

This Las Vegas photographer through his lenses shows the love affair that Wade Martin has with his music. Music is his craft, his passion and as such, one who can identify well with their own passion and turn it into a magnificent work of art can only capture this.

After seeing some of these awesome images splattered on a billboard, you should be curious as to who DJ Wade Martin is and what makes him one of the best music producers. You should also be curious enough to find out who took that shot and how easy and fun they made it look. The photos taken by this gifted Las Vegas photographer evokes emotions through the shots taken and captures the perfect moment at the perfect angle with the perfect lighting. DJ Wade Martin spun his way into Las Vegas and right through Shaun’s lenses to a billboard near you. You cannot miss seeing this amazing work of art somewhere near you, just keep a keen eye out.

Models: Bree James & Wade Martin

Photography: Shaun Goodrich


Guitar or me?

Just me and my guitar.

My guitar calling me.




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