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How I shot this volume 2

How I shot this volume 2

How I shot this Photo for one of my T-shirts at Liquidlollypop.com. I shot this image on the fly, I call it gorilla shooting, basically what ever is coming to my mind at the moment when I am shooting. I placed model Jolene Hexx on the side of the road near the Las Vegas Speedway and told her to stick out her thumb as if she was hitchhiking. The sun was starting to go down  so I shot into the sun to give that silhouette feel. It literally took about 3 minutes to shoot, I had to be fast because I did not want the police to come or anyone to get hurt as it is a major road. I call this shot Americana because this scene can be any where in America and I super imposed Liquidlollypop font in photoshop to look like the American flag. I shot this with a canon 7D with a canon 24-70 2.8 lens 100/sec F4 400 1so .

Model: Jolene Hexx

Las Vegas Photographer: Shaun Goodrich




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