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How I shot this Volume 1

This is How I Shot this Volume 1 – Model Photography

How I shot this Photo for one of my T-shirts at Liquidlollypop.com.  If you  take a look at this photograph you’ll see lighting aspects that is not really difficult to produce. It’s actually called cross lighting or what my other colleagues call hatchet lighting.

I used a 2400 white lightening strobe with a 6ft octagon soft box with a grid over it at about half power about 3 feet away to the left about 4 feet high slightly pointed down at the models.

On the right side just over the models head on the right I put a strip box on a alien bees 400 strobe on full power. Bam! Cross lighting. I shot it on black photo paper and put a little curve in the bottom of the paper to give some texture. In lightroom I created my own preset to give it that color tone. I shot it with a Canon 7D at 160/sec F9 at 100 iso.

Models: Olivia & Alisa

Las Vegas Photographer: Shaun Goodrich


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