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Shaun Goodrich Las Vegas Photography 101a reflected Lighting

Shaun Goodrich Las Vegas Photography 101a

In this segment I will show you how to produce a great  lighting scenario for your photographs.  Your Photographs will have a unique shadow that will highlight your models physique…. Being in Las Vegas there is a lot of natural light for shooting.   However with this photograph I will light, Dymond (Model) with reflected light.

In today’s photography there are so many different types of lighting styles so reflected light kind of produces a natural feel in my opinion. With reflected light you will want to bounce light off a light surface. Most preferably a white surface as I did with Dymond. This is a very simple set-up with only one strobe and a B-flat ( white 8 x 4 ft piece of cardboard) I took a 800 Alien Bee strobe with a 7 inch reflector. I also cut out about a 4 inch piece cardboard and taped it in front of the reflector to kind of defuse the light. I pointed it at the B-flat about 6 inches away. The B-flat was at about a 30 degree angle about 7 feet from from Dymond. I set the strobe at half power with my radio popper triggering the flash. I shot it with my Canon 6D at 160 F8 160 iso about 7 feet away and this is the image I came up with.  It was not that difficult. If you do not have a strobe, you can use a on camera  flash and point it to the reflected surface at the desired angle you wish to get the proper lighting for your photograph.

Model: Dymond Newton

Photographer: Shaun Goodrich


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