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Shaun Goodrich Takes A Few Shots For Las Vegas Distillery

Shaun Goodrich, a Las Vegas Photographer, that has shot some of the best in the business…Who best to do an advert shot for one of the biggest distilleries in Las Vegas? We have seen the works of art produced by Shaun Goodrich in numerous ad campaigns for various products not forgetting his line of tees that practically sell themselves courtesy of some of the best photos ever taken. This Las Vegas photographer turned his passion for photography into a means to make things and people come alive.

Shaun Goodrich shoots Jacky Sinn for Las Vegas Distillery

Las Vegas distillery, a family business best known for its line of American Spirits got to hire the best man for the job to be behind the camera on this one and the ooh so talented Jacky Sinn to be the face of this bold and creative campaign. Who would not want to drink what the April cover and centerfold model for Hustle magazine is selling? Jacky Sinn on the ad campaign for Las Vegas Distillery was pure genius.

She gives off an alluring look that just makes you want to go out and get yourself some more of what the Las Vegas Distillery is selling. Jacky Sinn in front of the camera and Shaun Goodrich behind the lenses capturing this ad campaign is a match made in heaven. It looks like it was a fun and flirty shoot.

Shaun Goodrich shoots Jacky Sinn for Las Vegas Distillery

This Las Vegas photographer is known to make the environment light, fun making the photoshoots seem like less work, and more play courtesy of his easygoing personality. Jacky and Shaun must have had some good times working on these shots. That “come hither” look she gives the male model on the Seven Grain Vodka ad photo breathes life and fun into the campaign. When it comes to good liquor it’s always a flirty affair and this Las Vegas photographer got Jacky Sinn to ooze as much as appeal as needed to make this the ideal shot.

I would not mind having a few shots of some American Spirits from the Las Vegas Distillery, myself when participating in this shoot. If some Las Vegas Distillery Nevada Gin made me feel and look as good as Jacky Sinn does on this photo, I will buy myself some just to indulge. Shaun captured the right look and from the look of things, Jacky did not have a hard time being on the other end of these shots either.

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